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HD Meeting - Participant Annotation During Screen Share
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Screen Annotations in HD Meeting


  1. Share your Screen using the "Share" option at the bottom of your Meeting Window:
  2. Once you have a shared screen, go to the toolbar at the top.  Click the 3 dots. 
  3. There you'll find the options to:
    • Allow/Disable Participants Annotation - Allow or prevent meeting participants from annotating on your shared screen
    • Show/Hide Names of Annotators - Show or hide the names of who is annotating on your screen.  If it is set to Show, the participant's name will briefly display beside their annotation.


This is extremely helpful as you can have several students write on the screen at the same time and see the name of each one as they are writing.  The only downside, is you have to select show names of annotators every time you screen share.  

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