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Using Viewsonic Display App for Screen Sharing
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We know that many staff have had issues with Screen Sharing their devices to the Viewsonic and have found that the vCastSender/vCastReceiver apps tend to be an issue.  We suggest using the "Display" app that is part of the updated Firmware if it is available.


  1. Opening that app you will see a "Display Code" and a "One Time Password" (that refreshes every 30 seconds)
  2. The user would then go to on their laptop and see the screen below:
  3. Once there they would input the "Display Code" and the "One Time Password" and click "Present"
  4. Once entered they will be presented with a window asking how they would like to share similar to how they screen share with Zoom or Google Meet
  5. Here you can share your entire screen, a specific window or a specific browser tab.  Additionally, you can share audio from your device as well by checking the "Share audio" checkbox.  
  6. After choosing your sharing options click on the "Share" button and then you window will look like the one below
  7. Minimize the "smaller" window as that is the "sharing session" and closing it will end the screen share and you would have to start over.


Screen sharing using this method rather than vCastSender/vCastReceiver seems to work much better for Windows or Chromebook machines.  The iPads appear to have difficulty with this method because by default "popups" are blocked.

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