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Kami Tutorial

We have been asked by some teachers on how to use Kami in their respective classrooms. Even though the tech department doesn't deal with how to use it with your respective classes, we still want to offer some help. This tutorial will show you how to use Kami. If you're trying to incorporate Kami in your respective cla…

OneDrive Tutorial

**How to Log into OneDrive** As you know, your H drive is no longer accessible. Everything that was on your H Drive has been moved to Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft OneDrive is Cloud Drive that you can store files & it’s accessible from anywhere such as school, work, or home. The instructions below will show you how t…

Asus Chromebook Tutorial

Asus C302C Chromebook ![][1] Tutorial Pemberton Twp. School District Technology Dept. 148 Arney’s Mount Road Pemberton,NJ 08068 Table of Contents [Welcome][2][ 3][2] [What Are Chromebooks?][3][ 4][3] [Signing In To Your Chromebook][4][ 5][4] [**Connecting Your Chromebook to Wi-Fi at Home**][5][ 6][5] [Acce…

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