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Students using their own devices during remote sessions

In the event you are using your own device during a remote session with your teacher please follow the directions outlined below. Please be aware that you will not be able to perform these actions on a mobile device including cell phones, Ipads, and many tablets even if you have a chrome application on your device. *…

How to sign into Google Chrome on an iPad

# **How to sign into Google Chrome on an iPad** **This article will discuss three topics:** 1. **How to turn on the iPad and open Google Chrome** 2. **How to sign into Google Chrome** 3. **How to determine if you are signed into Google Chrome.** * * * ## **Topic 1: How to turn on the iPad and open Google Chr…

Chrome freezes when printing.

## Description of Problem Some staff members have reported excessively long wait times while printing from Google Chrome on a Windows PC. The computer appears to freeze after Chrome's print dialogue appears and the browser window may say "non responsive" at the top. The print preview completes after Chrome appears to…

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