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Auto Saving Chats and turning off Private Chats in HD Meeting

1) HD Meeting Chats a. **If you have not done so already, please select “auto saving chats” in your HD Meeting settings (see below – in meeting basic settings)**. There are several benefits…one benefit is it gives you the opportunity to review the chat afterwards in case you missed anything during the session. Anothe…

HD Meeting - Participant Annotation During Screen Share

_**Screen Annotations in HD Meeting**_ 1. Share your Screen using the "Share" option at the bottom of your Meeting Window: ![][1] 2. Once you have a shared screen, go to the toolbar at the top. Click the 3 dots. ![][2] 3. There you'll find the options to: * Allow/Disable Participants Annotation - A…

How to Access HD Meeting using Ipad

1. Open HD meeting App on the iPad 2. ![][1] 3. Type in Meeting ID 4. Change your Personal Link Name to your Name. 5. Once Logged in HD Meeting will ask to have access to your Ipad Camera 6. ![][2] 7. Click OK 8. Click Join with Video 9. HD Meeting Will ask to Access your Ipad Microphone 10. ![][3]…

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