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Change unsafe passwords in your Google Account

[Data Breach & data-breaches-we-check][1] [1]:

Video Meetings and Discussions

Please review this Google document which was prepared by your instructional coaches. [Google Meet Protocols ][1] [1]:

Students using their own devices during remote sessions

In the event you are using your own device during a remote session with your teacher please follow the directions outlined below. Please be aware that you will not be able to perform these actions on a mobile device including cell phones, Ipads, and many tablets even if you have a chrome application on your device. *…

Reset your password for Email, Computer and Google all at once

_**How to Reset Your Password for**_ _**Accessing Email, School Computers, and Google All at Once**_ In our School District passwords for Email, Computer Access, and Google are all linked together. This means that if you change the password you are (in actuality) changing it for all of them and the password is the s…

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